BMW Junior Trike

BMW Junior Trike, £89.95

Miles covered/time: Five-ish/two months

What’s good: To the fevered imagination of a three-year-old, the more realistic a toy the better, so the principal appeal to my son of his “motorbike” is probably that it looks a bit like Daddy’s. It’s obvious he finds fun in details like the engine and exhausts, which he’s always touching and pretending are hot. It’s well made of sturdy plastic and, because it’s pedal-powered, has a traditional charm not shared by electric ride-on toys. It’s also quieter and never has flat batteries.

What’s not: Pedal trikes are a bit pedestrian by modern toy standards. My lad likes to ride it around the house and garden, but in the park wants his faster scooter or balance bike. At £90, it’s nearly twice the price of either of those, and they have wheel bearings. It’s based on an obsolete model, the R1100GS.


Rating: 4/5

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