Drift HD Action Camera

Drift HD Action Camera, £329.99

Time owned: One month

What's good?: The little LCD screen on the top of the camera is a brilliant idea, allowing you to line up your shot quickly and easily. The lens is rotatable through 170°; meaning no matter how you line the unit up, the shot will always be the right way up. The Drift HD also comes with a remote with two big record and stop buttons, meaning you don’t have to get off the bike or remove the camera every time you want to start or stop the camera. The remote comes with a Velcro strap so it can be secured to your wrist or anywhere suitable. The rubber buttons on the camera itself are nice and big, meaning they’re easy to locate and press with gloves, should you forget the remote. The camera comes complete with two adhesive mounts (one curved and one flat) and a clip for goggles, which is enough mounts for most people. The picture quality is excellent, as you’d expect from a 1080p camera, with a good wide field of vision.

What's not?: The wind noise on recordings is pretty bad. 30mph sounds more like 130mph. The camera has an input for an external mic so this may cure it, but other onboard cameras on the market deal with wind noise a lot better. It also doesn’t deal with bright sunlight very well, with the picture becoming massively over exposed.

Contact: www.driftinnovation.com

Rating: 3/5

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