Prescription Photochromic Davida WRS74 goggles

Prescription Photochromic Davida WRS74 goggles, £115

Miles covered: 2000 (to Spain and back)

What’s good: The WRS74’s are a straight-armed, flexible-framed goggle with foam pads around the eye sockets to prevent windblast from hitting your eyeballs. An elastic headband (included) can be fitted and used on the outside of the lid in the traditional way. Optique Goggles fit prescription and/or light reactive lenses in the WRS74s making them ideal for spectacle wearers who want to wear an open faced lid. The process is mail order and takes just a few days and Optique will even obtain your prescription from your optician for you. Tested on a trip to Spain the goggles made the journey tear-free and the light reactive lenses were excellent in both gloomy UK and sunny Spain.

What’s not: The windproof nature of the goggles means they can fog when trundling through traffic in hot weather but pulling them slightly off the bridge of the nose cures this.


Rating: 4/5

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