Product review: Garmin Zumo 220 satnav and Scala Bluetooth headset

Garmin Zumo 220 satnav and Scala Bluetooth headset, £399.99
Miles covered/time:
500/two months

What's good: It’s waterproof and designed primarily for motorcycling but also has modes for driving, walking and cycling, with mounting brackets for motorbike and car included. The maps are decent, easily updated via a computer and cover Europe, and the device seldom struggles for a signal.

It’s got Bluetooth and comes bundled with speakers and mic that are easily fitted to your helmet so you can hear audio directions or make calls and listen to music on a Bluetooth phone. The best thing, though, is its extreme ruggedness. Drop it all day, it will not break. It’s not cheap but you’ll only have to buy it once. 

What’s not: You won’t get lost but may notice it doesn’t always find the quickest route. Occasionally it gets confused or proves unaware of roundabouts, even after updating the maps.

The headset has the sound reproduction quality of a telephone - not good enough for music. On the whole though, is does what it should well. 

Rating: 4/5

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