Trax Evo 45 litre panniers

Trax Evo 45 litre panniers, £272.22 each

Miles covered/time: 2000 miles/four weeks

What’s good: Made from folded, sealed and riveted 1.5mm aluminium, the Trax Evo panniers are faultlessly constructed, 100% waterproof and sublimely simple to use. Sliding on to four metal bobbins, single stainless catches secure them to the equally superb and low profile Quick Lock Evo Carriers (£221.75 pair) and another single catch secures the lid. They’re reasonably lightweight – the heavier your luggage, the less weight you can put in it before you overload your bike. The build quality is so high I’m confident I’ll never need to buy another pair of panniers. Which is a good job considering…

What’s not: …when you add in all the bits you need, the price totals £766.19 which although expensive is more than £100 cheaper than the competition. The Locks to fit the catches are an extra £15.07, which seems a tad mean, and carrying the boxes is awkward without carrying handles (another £15.07 each), a cheap luggage strap threaded through the lid’s tie down points does the job though.


Rating: 5/5

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