Givi T489 Easylock tank bag

Givi T489 Easylock tank bag, £72.25 (bike specific tank ring £13.08)

Miles covered/time: 2000 miles/one month

What’s good: The Easylock mounting system on the T489 consists of a metal ring that bolts onto your filler cap surround and a plastic coupler on the underside of the bag. It works incredibly well. Just place the Givi tank bag onto the ring and it clicks into place. An easily found lever releases it. No fiddling, no fuss. Used on a recent 2000-mile trip to Spain and back, construction and finish of the 14-litre T489 is top class and the waterproof cover slips on so easily it can be achieved at traffic lights.

What’s not: The slightly gimmicky and not waterproof GPS holder stored in the front pocket isn’t detachable so the main waterproof cover has to live in the main compartment taking up valuable room in what is already a fairly small bag.


Rating: 4/5

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