Product review: BMW GS Enduro bodywarmer

BMW GS Enduro bodywarmer, £77 (discontinued)
Time owned:
Nine months

What’s good: Wear it under a jacket while riding or on its own while not. It’s got pockets inside and out and it’s warm with a soft lining. It’s so comfy I wear it about the house and am constantly being told to take my coat off by my partner.

Typically of BMW accessories, you can’t fault the quality. It makes even more sense if you’ve got a GS.   

What’s not: It looked nice in the catalogue. I wasn’t so sure when I tried it on, but pressed on anyway. But everyone to ever express an opinion has told me it is hideous. Some people openly laugh.

The main reason my partner tells me not to wear it in the house is because she detests it. I still wear it but it as a mark of my unwillingness to yield to peer pressure. Which isn’t really what clothes should be about. 

Like most BMW accessories, it’s expensive.

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Rating: 3/5

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