Product review: Startmonkey 400 jump starter

Startmonkey 400 jump starter £199
Time used:
Four months

What’s good: What’s incredible about this battery pack is how much power it has for such a small unit. Once charged it will restart a standard 12V car battery 15-20 times (so smaller bike batteries are a piece of cake) and it retains 75% of its charge, even after a year without use.

Measuring just 210 x 65 x 64mm it’s small enough to carry in a rucksack – especially handy if you’ve a bike you know might not start when you’re out, like an enduro bike or a ‘characterful’ classic.

I’ve used it to get neighbours’ cars started and second-hand test bikes going – it’s very useful. Like all Power Traveller products, the unit is beautifully made with soft-touch plastics.

What’s not: £199 is a big investment for a jump starter, but its functionality and size arguably make it worth the money.

Rating: 4/5

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