Product review: Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap

Gold Label Soft Saddle Soap, £3.85 for 500g
Time used:
15 years

What’s good: This is the secret to my clean leathers, boots and gloves. I bought this saddle soap in a horsey shop in Canterbury in 1997, it’s lasted all this time and there’s still loads left.

I run a damp sponge over my leathers first and then use a small amount of saddle soap to clean them. Once clean, I dry them off and buff them up. The soap gets rid of grime, flies, chain lube and any other dirt I manage to run into.

The leather stays supple and the soap doesn’t take the colour off, unlike a few other products I’ve tried.

What’s not: It’s a messy, awkward and time consuming job cleaning leathers, but that’s true no matter what you product you use.

Rating: 5/5

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