Product review: Hein Gericke Visor Finger Wipes

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Hein Gericke Visor Finger Wipes, £3.99
Miles covered/time:
2000 miles/two months      

What’s good? Before I answer that question, let me ask you another one: what’s the biggest benefit to safety when you’re riding a motorbike?

No, it’s not ABS, traction control or any other trendy electronic gimmick. It’s visibility. Simply being able to see where you’re going. And to that end, these finger wipes could be the best four quid you ever spend.

Because, even though the likes of BMW fit permanent visor squeegees to the left-hand index finger of their waterproof/winter gloves, most companies don’t.

The Alpinestars gloves I’m currently wearing come into that category, so now that we’re well into the season of crap weather I’m using one of these visor finger wipes constantly.

Simply slide the rubber device over the left index finger of the glove (while wearing it) and voila! – it’s ready for use in a second.

So when you’re clouted in the face by a juggernaut’s bow-wave loaded with road crud, or your visor’s coated with condensed freezing fog, one quick backhand swipe and your visor’s crystal clear again.

Even better, with Hein Gericke currently giving 30% off all their own-brand stuff, I only paid £2.79. Bargain!

What’s not? They’re actually quite chunky, so it takes a while to get used to the extra bulk on your left index finger, especially on top of clumpy winter gloves. And you have to make sure they’re well pulled onto your finger.

I had one fall off after a few days of use – but that was my fault for not pulling it on firmly enough. And, luckily, you get two in a pack.

Rating: 5/5

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