Product review: Cold Killers socks

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Cold Killers Socks, £19.99

Miles covered/time:
1500 miles/two months

What’s good: They’re great for protecting your feet from the elements if you’re riding in summer boots. Being windproof they minimize the wind chill so you can concentrate on riding and not trying to get the feeling back in your toes.

What’s not: In all honesty I haven’t been won over by these socks. The stitching around the edge made them uncomfortable for me to wear and they were quite tight around the ankle seam meaning I’d end up with deep marks on my legs at the end of the day.

Personally I’d rather wear a couple of pairs of socks with my summer boots, or wear some touring boots and let them do the work instead.


Rating: 2/5


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Kayleigh Nicolaou

By Kayleigh Nicolaou