Product review: Tucano Urbano 323 bar muffs

Tucano Urbano 323 bar muffs £54.99
Miles covered/time:
500/one month

What’s good: The 323s are (fake) fur-lined, waterproof and very warm. Perfect for winter commutes, they make sub-zero biking bearable. Elasticated gators around mirror stalks stop icy draughts.

Attaching them takes minutes and as they fix onto your bar ends they're stable and stiff enough to prevent being pushed onto levers. But…

What’s not: Despite the heavyweight construction, at speeds over 70mph you can still feel material pressing against the backs of your hands.

It’s a problem I’ve found with all makes of bar muffs and it momentarily extends the time it takes to reach brake and clutch levers as you push the material away with your fingers. This sounds more dangerous than it is as you quickly compensate for the small delay.

Rating: 3/5

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