Beta Tools Adjustable Wrench

Beta Tools Adjustable Wrench, £21

Time used: Four months

What’s good: Quite what it is about this chrome-plated tool of beauty that makes me irrationally covetous I’ll try to explain. Its jaws operate smoothly throughout the wrench’s 32mm extent (that’s one and a quarter inches in old money – and marked on the reverse) by way of knurled adjuster. It’s one of the most enjoyably tactile garage experiences.

The weight of the thing is such that it feels hewn from a dolmen, and holding it aloft evokes a real sense of the Teutonic pantheon. Beyond all this nonsense, it’s a precise way of adjusting, tightening, removing (or stripping the thread…) on anything from engine casing bolts to some rear spindle nuts. I wouldn’t be without it.

What’s not: The price seems a little steep on the face of it, but consider this: as long as you don’t lend it to your neighbor it’ll probably last a lifetime.


Rating: 5/5

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