Vulcanet Bike Wipes


Vulcanet Bike Wipes, £33.99 (for an 80-wipe bottle)

Time used: 10 months

What’s good: When I first reported on these wipes, I’d been using them for two months. Initial findings were promising. In the intervening eight months I’ve come to rely upon them, using them to keep my Ducati Monster 1100 Evo in tip-top condition throughout the year, instead of dousing it with water every Sunday. Not one bolt has noticeably corroded, nor a single deceased insect outstay its welcome on the headlight. My original fear that 80 wipes wouldn’t last the year was unfounded. These are well worth £40 of anyone’s money.

What’s not: Effectively you are paying for a summer’s worth of bike washing upfront, and £40 does seem a lot to pay in one hit. Unless the lid is securely tightened, the liquid in which the wipes are suspended does evaporate, leaving you with a couple of dry wipes which are unusable unless you can somehow dip them back into the reservoir at the bottom of the bottle.


Rating: 4/5

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