Book review: The Ken Fox Hell Riders: a Journey With the Wall of Death

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The Ken Fox Hell Riders: a Journey With the Wall of Death, £14.99
Time spent reading/poring over photos:
Five days

What's good? As far as motorcycling books go, this stands out among the crowd. It’s a really intelligently written and photographed document of the Ken Fox Wall of Death as it travels the country.

It captures the sound and scent of the bikes, the astonishment of the audience, the work ethic of the performers and the enduring romance that daredevil sideshows have always evoked.

I was rapt for all 167 pages, and continue to dip back in at random – every spread has something that will cause the eye to linger.

In brief, I’ve not seen a bike book this year that can touch this one for its embodiment of two-wheeled grit and glamour.

What's not? Some people might like to read more words; they are few and far between in this book, the imagery instead doing most of the talking. Beyond that, it’s untouchable.

Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott