Product review: R&G heated grips

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R&G heated grips, £40
Time used:
Four months

What’s good: Bike manufacturers’ heated grips can cost £250. This pair is £40 and works perfectly well.

The control box can be a weakness on aftermarket grips likes these. The box on the £80 Oxford Products pair these replaced was awkward to use and stopped working.

But this one is easy to operate with gloves on and hasn’t packed up. Admittedly the £250 you pay for manufacturers’ grips includes factory fitting to a standard hard to emulate at home.

For example, because I’ve taken the easy route of wiring these straight to the battery, they don’t switch off automatically with the ignition. But I could always spend the £200 saving on a mechanics course.

What’s not: The black outer wire sleeve came out of the control box and had to be pushed back in. I’m fairly confident this wouldn’t happen to a £250 set.

I’d also cautiously say that I don’t think they get quite as hot at the highest setting as factory ones. They still seem excellent at this price though. 

Rating: 4/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell