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Moto-trek Comet 350, £100 day hire (or £34,464 to buy)
Miles covered/time:
450/four weeks, plus two weeks living.

What’s good: It combines a luxurious motorhome with a spacious garage, rather than having either a motorhome and trailer or the more commonly used van and caravan like most racers.

The front of the Comet accommodates up to four people on the move, two 360-degree revolving chairs up front, with a bench seat with seatbelts in the rear.

Once parked up there’s two double beds, and the front chairs spin around so up to four people can sit down comfortably for a meal. There’s a two hob cooker, fridge, kitchen areas with sink, plenty of cupboards, even a shower and toilet.

In the back is a large garage area, which I only 70% filled when I used this at the Isle of Man TT with two race bikes, spare engines, wheels, leathers, tools and even pushbikes.

The beds were comfortable, we had running water from the big storage tank, which is easily accessible, and even fully loaded we managed to average 30mpg, which isn’t bad considering the weight of what we were transporting.

It even has a retractable awning. It really is the perfect race truck, not too expensive to run, and even better on fuel than my usual van.

What’s not: On the face of it, it sounds expensive, but when you compare the £100 a day hire charge to the cost of a hotel for two people near any of the UK’s major circuits, the motorhome option is favourable.

You would have to be incredibly serious about your racing (or minted) to buy one outright, though.

Contact: or 01484-852121
Rating: 4/5

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