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Muc-off chain cleaner, £7
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One year

What’s good: The first time I used this spray-on chain cleaner I wondered how I’d ever done without it. My humblest apologies for trotting out what sounds like marketing-speak, but on this occasion it’s true.

Put simply, you spray this on your chain after washing the bike, and then wipe away with a cloth. Any stubborn grime, lube or road muck wipes clean off, leaving you with a shiny, good-as-new chain.

The chain cleaner just evaporates from the surface it’s applied to. It’s so good at its job that I use it regularly to remove any lube that might have been flung on to the undertray, wheel rims or chain protector, too.

A £7 bottle lasts much longer than you might think. This is a workshop/garage essential for any motorcyclist, or indeed cyclist and car driver. It sorts road muck on my road bikes and car’s alloys, too.

What’s not: It’s a rare struggle to find anything worth criticising with this spray can. Perhaps if it was available in a travel-size can for touring?  

Rating: 5/5

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott