Product review: Muc-off Dry Shower

Muc-off Dry Shower, £7
Time used:
Three months

What’s good: The showers are out of order at the MCN offices – have been for a month or so now, something to do with the gym next door flooding.

Anyway, here’s where Dry Shower comes in handy… strip down in the loos, spray its foamy payload on to the palm and lather oneself with its coconut-scented, anti-bacterial goodness.

It soaks in, eliminates odours and leaves you smelling fresh (and not in a girly, perfumed way). Muc-off are pitching this product at anyone with an active lifestyle, but it’s going to be specially useful for track day regulars, or for that matter, anyone riding to work or for long distances on hot summer days.

For seven quid, it represents good value for money, too – I’ve not managed to finish a 200ml bottle in three months.

What’s not: It’s a little bulky to transport, so you’ll have to leave it at your destination (if you’re commuting) or just find room for it (if you’re putting it in your rucksack and riding to a track day). Perhaps there’s room in the range for a mini pump-action refill?

Rating: 4/5