Product review: Raleri PC Fogstop visor insert

Raleri PC Fogstop visor insert, £34.99
Miles covered/time:
1500 miles/three weeks

What’s good: I was hoping this photochromic effort would prove to be a visor insert for all seasons – and it very nearly fulfils that brief. The photosensitive material reacts quickly in darkening to shade your eyes when exposed to sunlight and is perfectly clear for night riding.

Its anti-fog properties are excellent, too, providing clear visibility even when riding to work through two weeks of freezing foggy mornings. It’s better in this respect than any Pinlock I’ve ever used – and that’s down to the way it attaches to the visor.

Unlike Pinlock inserts, which locate on eccentric posts that have to be turned to exactly the right position to achieve an air-tight moisture-excluding seal, the Raleri uses a clear adhesive gasket to seal it to the visor.

It’s easy to fit and makes it the most effective anti-fog insert I’ve ever used.

What’s not: The chink in the Raleri’s armour is the degree of shading it provides when you’re riding head-on into strong, bright sunlight. I ride east to work, directly into the rising sun in the morning, and I was having to squint while riding straight into piercing sunlight.

A head-to-head comparison between a Raleri-fitted clear visor and one with a tinted Pinlock proved the latter was much more effective in strong, direct sunlight, with no need to squint.

So having this Raleri means less visor-swapping – especially useful in the light morning/dark ride home of late autumn to early spring – but it’s not quite the one-visor-for-all-light-situations I’d hoped for.

Personally, I’m continuing to use it, although I pack the tinted Pinlock in my rucksack as back-up – although at £34.99 it is an expensive option for something that doesn’t provide a perfect solution.        

Rating: 3/5

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