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Product review: Muc-off Helmet and Visor Optix kit

Muc-off Helmet and Visor Optix kit, £13
Miles covered/time used:
3000/six months

What’s good: I absolutely rely upon this kit for cleaning my goggles, my visor and even my spectacles on a daily basis.

The small case has proved extremely durable over time, and the included bottle of Helmet and Visor Cleaner (replacements are available for £3) has lasted six months, tackling smears, speckles… hairspray residue…

And the microfibre cloth (which we’re told is specially developed “to clean optical finishes”) is effective at removing every last trace of the cleaner, and buffing to a shine.

It’s also bigger than you’d expect – a real bonus when it comes to covering a motorcycle helmet visor.

What’s not: It does take up much more room than other cleaning options, but if you’re really pushed for space you could always use the carabiner clip. That’s what it’s for, after all.

Rating: 5/5

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