Product review: Muc-off Helmet and Visor Microfibre Polishing Cloth

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Muc-off Helmet and Visor Microfibre Polishing Cloth, £5
Time used:
18 months

What’s good: This cloth gets daily use on not only my goggles but also my prescription spectacles. It’s incredibly kind to polished (or glass) surfaces, always buffs to a smear-free finish, and – even after 18 months of regular use – emerges from the washing machine in top nick each time.

This one cloth has lasted me a year and a half, so your fiver represents a good long-term investment. (It also comes as part of the firm’s £13 Optix Pack, which includes a spray bottle of Helmet and Visor Cleaner)

What’s bad: It’s very absorbent, so if you forget to hang it up to dry after use on damp days you’ll be met with a sodden wipe when you reach into your pocket. This is a particularly minor point.

Rating: 5/5


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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott