Luggage review: Givi TW02 30-litre waterproof roll bag

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Givi TW02 30-litre waterproof roll bag, £40.85
Miles covered/time:
2753/one week

What’s good: It’s the first time I’ve ever used anything like this, I’d normally have a conventional tail pack. It’s basically a big, tubular, waterproof sack and it’s big enough to store my shoes, jeans, undercrackers, T-shirts, shirts, shorts, toiletries and an assortment of electrical leads and adaptors.

It’s a good size for my Streetfighter 848, waterproof (so doesn’t need an extra cover when it rains) and it’s far easier to bungee to the back of my bike than a tail pack, which involves removing the pillion seat, etc.

What’s not: Although it’s easy to fit on the bike, it moves around quite a lot, even with a lot of bungees – I think I’ll use some of that grippy matting for my next trip.

There are no separate pockets for knick-knacks, either, which would be handy. You have to completely unpack it to really get to any of your stuff, which is a pain, and the inside is a grippy rubber material, so it’s not easy to slide things in and out that easily.

Rating: 3/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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