Book review: How your motorcycle works by Peter Henshaw

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How your motorcycle works by Peter Henshaw, £9.99

What’s good: My brain absorbs pointless detail. I could tell you the numberplate of the Renault 14 we had in the early 1980s (DRW 722T, if you’re interested), but would struggle to explain adequately to my daughter how the planets revolve around the sun.

If, like me, after 15 years of riding your lack of really basic technological bike knowledge is a secret embarrassment, this book – effectively a differently-dressed ‘bluffer’s guide’ – will become your saviour.

Its 80 pages are split into easy chapters on ‘engine’, ‘transmission’, etc, and present the bare bones of how a bike works in unpatronising English. I really couldn’t have explained the pros and cons or an air-cooled motor until I’d read this. No, really.

What’s not: It’s maybe a little steeply priced, considering its slender proportions, but that’s my only possible gripe.

Rating: 5/5

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