Parts Review: BMW HP Race tyre warmers

BMW HP Race tyre warmers: £765

Time used: Three race meetings and two trackdays

What’s good? They’re light and beautifully made with heating coming from a patented carbon-fibre mesh that gives a uniform spread of temperature, compared to conventional tyre warmers with filament wires running through them. Crucially, BMW says they put 15% more heat into the tyre shoulders. They’re big enough to wrap right around the tyre and cover the rim too, to keep the heat in. A two-way heat switch (85°c/65°c) lets you set the warmers for ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ tyres.

What’s not? They come at a price… a big one, which is why I’ve knocked-off a star. If you want the best of the best warmers, these are the ones to have, but most cheaper versions will do the job perfectly well.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 3/5

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