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Kliktronic electric gearshift, £499 + VAT (where applicable)

Time tested: 1500 miles/8 weeks

What’s good? Simply, that I’m able to ride a bike after a long time off. In March 2009 I crashed while racing at Brands Hatch and suffered several injuries, one of which has left me unable to move my left foot. For some time I thought I would never be able to ride a bike again and with bikes having been a large part of my life for 35 years that really wasn’t something I wanted to consider.

After looking at the various options I chose to fit a Kliktronic electric gear changer to my Ducati Monster 695. It is basically an electrical actuator that’s mounted to the frame with a purpose built bracket and connects to the gear lever. When I press buttons on the left handlebar the actuator moves the gear lever either up or down to change gears.

I dropped the bike off at Kliktronic’s workshop near Bury St Edmunds and after a couple of days it was ready to collect. Fitting is £150-£200, depending on the bike. After a brief tutorial, and with much apprehension, I set off for a quick lap of the industrial estate. It was simple to use and after my initial nerves had settled I was soon beaming... I was back on a bike, after four years.

My first trip was to ride back home from the workshop, a distance of some 70 miles. I had a couple of stops en-route and was shattered when I got home because I’d concentrated so hard. The device works smoothly and allows clutchless changes up through the gears. I was also pleased to find that when I informed my insurance company of the modification it didn’t affect my premium.
Since starting riding again I’ve taken advantage of the good weather and have just come back from a 500-mile round trip to North Wales and am already planning a jaunt to Europe next year. It’s great to be back.

What’s not? There’s nothing negative about it.

Contact: or 01359 242100

Quality Rating: 5/5

Value Rating: 5/5


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Mark Silcox

By Mark Silcox