Product Review: Silverstone Bike Trackday

Silverstone Bike Trackday, £129

Time tested: One day/seven sessions

What’s good? Slick organisation, attention to detail and impressive customer care mark out the new Silverstone track days, which are being run by the circuit itself rather than a third party operator. The groups get fancy titles – Street Sport 1 and 2 are the equivalent of novice and intermediate, while Ultimate Sport is the fast group, with more track time and a higher price tag (£199). Each group gets their own expansive space within Silverstone’s Wing F1 pit garage complex and instructors dedicated to that group so they can concentrate on their ‘own’ riders rather than constantly being on track and having no time for debriefs. On my day at Silverstone, the Ultimate Sport group had twice World Superbike champion Troy Corser as their chief instructor. Riders even get a £10 voucher for the café, which is easily enough for a decent lunch and drink. The circuit isn’t the full Arena GP track used for top-level race meetings, instead being the International, which is a good handling challenge with the fast Hangar Straight for speed thrills. On my day, I was in the Street Sport 2 group, had plenty of track time, benefited from instruction, enjoyed the lunch and felt well looked after.

What’s not? Routine photography meant lots of unimaginative pics of bikes being ridden in a straight line.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

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