Product Review: Ammo Nitro Power bike cleaner

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Ammo Nitro Power bike cleaner, £5.99

Time tested: One month, three cleans

What’s good? It’s a spray-on, scrub and rinse off bike cleaner that leaves a satisfying sheen on a bike once it’s done, and doesn’t need any nasty streaks or residue once it’s been sluiced off. I used it in difficult conditions – just as the day’s light was going – but it did a good job of cleaning general muck off my Triumph Street Triple R. It doesn’t seem to do anything differently to other cleaners of this ilk, and it’s from a small company trying to get off the ground so it won’t be as commonly available, but it does what it promises and for a reasonable price.

What’s not? As with most spray-on cleaners, I end up using a lot of it, as they’re thin and don’t cling to the bike as well as (admittedly dearer) gel-type cleaners. I’d estimate four or five cleans per bottle and no more. The price is good when compared to similar products’ list prices (Muc-Off, Pro Clean), but then those products are more widely available, and can be found at discounts that bring its price down in line with this cleaner.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 3/5

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

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