Tool Review: King Dick 3/8in drive 17-piece socket set

King Dick 3/8in drive 17-piece socket set (equivalent modern 15-piece set £152.87)

Tester: Ped Baker

Time tested: 10 years

What’s good: When it comes to hand tools, I follow two simple rules – buy the best I can afford and if possible, buy British. These days the second rule is sadly much tougher than the first but King Dick is one company that still manufactures all of its spanners and sockets in the UK. Over the last 10 years my-17 piece socket set has fettled every machine I’ve owned without complaint. The 3/8in drive is the ideal size for motorcycles and the 7-19mm range covers most of the bolts found on modern bikes. The finish has remained as new; only the plastic tray shows signs of wear. Yes, this set is five times the price of a Chinese-made kit, but the saying ‘buy cheap buy twice’ is particularly meaningful when it comes to tools. Expensive kit also encourages you to slot the sockets back into the box after every use and that’s good workshop practice too.

What’s not: Despite being careful, I’ve somehow managed to end up with three chipped Draper sockets in the set instead of King Dick items. Nice tools are far more likely to get pinched...


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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