Accessories Review: Airhawk Seat

Airhawk seat, £169.99

Miles covered/time: 3000/ two months

What’s good? The Airhawk is a brilliant bit of kit, no doubt about it. In fact, probably one of the best products for meeting its specific aim; to provide comfort whilst riding. The seat cushioned my bum for eight continuous days and 2600 miles on a recent trip to Europe. Furthermore, the trip was completed on a single-cylinder 250cc trail bike with a blade for a saddle. There is no way I could have done it without the Airhawk. On occasion I removed the seat and within fifteen minutes the saddle pinched my leg, stopped circulation, turned my feet cold and my bum felt like it had been whacked with a cricket bat. This inflatable neoprene pillow redistributes a rider’s weight to cushion pressure points in your buttocks. This allows better blood circulation and comfort for a personal fit. It comes in different sizes for all bike types- including pillions.

What’s not? It can get a little frustrating having to take the seat with you every time you leave your bike. The seat comes with straps, but these are not secure enough to stop anyone snapping them off and swiping it. It could do with a secure strap, lockable under the seat.  What’s more it is expensive at £169.99, but worth it for big mile men.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 4/5

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