Accessories Review: Akito medium kit bag

Akito medium kit bag, £10.99

Time tested: 14 years

What’s good? This is one those products that’s so good you take it for granted and forget about it. Then one day you think: ‘I’ve had that for 14 years and it’s as good as new.’ It’s been on every overseas bike test I’ve attended since 1999, as well as family holidays. Nothing shows any signs of breaking or wearing out. All the zips function as new. There’s a separate compartment at each end, one of which detaches by unzipping. Before checking in for your flight, you can unclip the shoulder strap from the main compartment and Velcro the two carrying handles together, so there are no loose ends to catch on conveyor belts. Then you can detach the end compartment, put the shoulder strap on that and take it on as hand luggage. Or not. It’s up to you. Wherever I see other riders, its gaudy design kick-starts conversations. Someone will say: “Akito! Spot the motorcyclist.” They’re out of production but DK still sell them new. I couldn’t believe the price. 

What’s not? It’s not as big as some kit bags. If you need to transport two sets of riding gear, for example leathers and textiles, you’ll struggle. And it doesn’t have wheels, so you have to carry it. That’s all.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 5/5

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