Parts Review: Pattern mirrors, AW Motorcycle Parts

Pattern mirrors, AW Motorcycle Parts, £33.18 a pair including postage

Time tested: 200 miles/one month

What’s good? It's hard to find new genuine mirrors for 26-year-old bikes, and I dread to think the price. So I got pattern ones for my Kawasaki GPz550, readily available from online retailers. They all look the same on a computer screen, so I bought the cheapest, on eBay, from AW Motorcycles Parts in Doncaster. They looked good when I unwrapped them, and fitted well.

What’s not? Genuine mirrors usually make things look smaller, increasing visual field. These replacements appear to be bog-standard mirrors: everything looks the same size as normal. Being used to genuine mirrors, the impression is that things are too big. A bus a safe distance behind will seem like it’s about to flatten you. The real problem, though, is the area you can see is greatly reduced, like looking through a keyhole. I complained they were not as described and asked the seller: ‘Are they all like this?’ He replied: ‘These are the only mirrors listed.’ The listing offers refunds for unwanted items within seven days of receipt, minus postage and a 20% ‘restock charge’. By the time I’d tried them, and concluded rear visibility wasn’t something I wanted to compromise, I was too late. I did what I should have originally: bought used genuine, for £24.99 each including postage.
And AW Motorcycles just responded saying 'On our next order I will see if they can alter the magnification of the mirrors.'


Quality rating: 2/5

Value rating: 2/5

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