Accessory review: Visorcat wash & wipe

Visorcat wash/wipe, £30 (£3.60 for subsequent 50ml fluid refills)
Time tested:
550 miles/two weeks

What’s good: This integrated sponge and squeegee with fluid reservoir works with a wipe-and-clean action and attaches to your left hand over a glove. I ride all year round so the idea of the Visorcat intrigued me as I have been more than happy with a damp cloth stashed either in a jacket pocket or jammed down inside the screen. Overall I can see that it does the job and it certainly worked to clear through dried-on salt and grime.

What’s not: The blade/sponge housing is a little too long so it was interfering with the way my hand was able to hold the left handlebar. Also, the way the strap tightens around my wrist means it fouls the Velcro fasteners on my gloves. A colleague was of the same opinion and said that it works but is perhaps not necessary unless you ride all day throughout winter. Finally, at £30 it’s far too expensive.

Rating: 3/5

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