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Tools Review: Beta Torx screwdrivers

Beta Torx screwdrivers, £67.44

Tester: Tim Thompson

Time used: Two years

What’s good? I use these for nipping-up bodywork and screen retaining bolts: fasteners that need a light touch, just a couple of ftlb torque. The BetaGrip handles are lovely in the hand. They have great control and feel – and make me feel like a highly-regarded MotoGP mechanic. These three drivers (T20, T25 and T30) came as part of a set of seven and can also be bought with Pozidriv, Phillips or slotted drives, but it’s as Torx drivers, as an alternative to a heavy-handed ratchet, that they come into their own.

What’s bad? If I’m being picky, the shafts on a couple of drivers have pitted, and the orange handles clash with my red tool chest.

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Rating: 3/5

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