Product Review: Dainese Wave back protector

Dainese Wave back protector, £129.99 (£89.99* on

Tester: Tim Thompson

Time/miles: 18,000 miles/three years

What’s good? So far as CE Level 2 back protectors go, this is the minimalist one – narrower, shorter, thinner and at 550g (in a medium) significantly lighter than a typical equivalent. So it’s comfortable. It’s the back protector you want to be wearing when you’re riding to the south of France. Thanks to a raised perimeter of padding it makes only minimal contact with your back, while its heavily vented plates and aluminium honeycomb permit a healthy air flow.

What’s not? It’s Level 2, yes, which means it has passed the CE’s highest crash protection test for back armour but I instinctively wonder if the attributes that make it so comfortable might also diminish its performance.


Rating: 3/5