Luggage Review: Bagster Comfort Seat

Bagster Comfort Seat, £334 including postage

Tester: Simon Relph

Time tested: 14 months

What’s good? For years I put up with the saddle on my BMW R100R, which was firm through the summer and like concrete during winter. The foam used to soak up water and, as my bike lived outside, it would freeze solid. I sent the seat to Bagster for its refurbishment service, which uses the original base. The foam is re-made, altering the shape to make both rider and passenger more comfortable. You can choose the colour and texture of the vinyl or piping, or add graphics and you can opt for gel panels for greater comfort. The job is £260, including postage, if you go without the gel panels.  

What’s not? The finished seat has a bit of a king and queen look about it.



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