Product Review: SDoc100 Technical Fabric and Leather Wash

SDoc100 Technical Fabric and Leather Wash, £9.99 for 250ml

Time tested: One wash

What’s good? I was disgusted and embarrassed when I realised how filthy my Alpinestars summer riding jacket had become, but I suppose after six summers of wear and a few thousand miles it was going to be. I regularly wash the bike because it’s covered in grime and I’m exposed to exactly the same elements, so why wouldn’t my clothing get grubby? With this in mind I thought I’d try this fabric wash, it’s been specifically designed to use on either leather or textile clothing and will maintain the breathability of the fabric and won’t block the pores! We live in a hard water area so I used the maximum recommended dose and chucked it in the washer. The results were pretty stunning, the jacket looks like new and smells fresh as a daisy.

What’s not? It’s not cheap but I was really impressed with the way it cleaned the jacket and it’s so much nicer to wear a clean jacket than the grubby, grimy one I’d been wearing.


Quality Rating: 5/5

Value Rating: 4/5