Product Review: Oxford Aqua50

Oxford Aqua50, £59.99

Time tested: 500 miles/one month

What’s good? The Aqua50 - the 50 designating its 50-litre capacity, is one of a new range of simple, 'roll-top' bags from Oxford designed to strap onto the pillion or rack via supplied compression straps. I took it to Wales and back recently over three days and it was fine: decent capacity, kept out the drizzle, job done. They come in different sizes so there should be one to suit all

What’s not? Me, probably. It is what it is and it does its job – but be sure about what you expect. Having no built-in rigidity, unless the bag is packed full it's like strapping a wet towel on the back of your bike. I find the roll-top a bit love-hate: it works but it's ugly and I feel cheated that basically a black vinyl envelope and two straps costs 60 quid; it gets grubby quickly and is difficult to clean and it's now toast. My fault, I suppose – I was in a rush, thought a bit of sloppy movement wouldn't matter and arrived at work to find an exhaust-scorched hole in both bag and my spare jeans that were inside. Plenty of more conscientious types, I know, have no problems and swear by them. Me? Think I'll go back to rucksacks…


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 3/5