Product Review: Ugly Fish sunglasses

Ugly Fish sunglasses
Price: £39.99

Time tested: 3000 miles, three months

What’s good? I wanted to wear shades when I rode Route 66 in America. I tried a few different pairs before choosing these. A lot of shades were hard to get under the open-face lid, with the arms of the sunglasses digging into the side of my face. These had short arms though and laid against my face rather than digging into it. They may look a little lairy, but I liked the mirror effect and they’re pretty cheap too. I didn’t want to wear a £200 pair in case I lost them or they got damaged so these were spot-on. They also come with foam ‘inners’ that form a seal between the lenses and your face to keep wind out of your eyes and avoid streaming mince pies!

What’s not? Not much. What makes them good as a riding set of shades, makes them feel a little light and unstable for normal wear. The short arms don’t really anchor the shade to your face, making it feel like you could lose them at any minute.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 5/5