Product Review: Europat Vizibleed brake and clutch bleeding kit

Europat Vizibleed brake and clutch bleeding kit, £5.99

Time tested: Six years

What’s good? The fact this device turns a job that competent people regularly inform me is muppet-level easy into a job that is actually muppet-level easy (and I mean Miss Piggy easy, not one of the clever muppets like Kermit). This turns brake bleeding and fluid changes into a simple matter of putting a spanner on the caliper’s bleed nipple, attaching a hose to the end of said nipple, cracking the spanner a little and then squeezing the lever to pump out fluid. The one-way valve in the hose means no air can return into the brake system, and all old fluid is drawn into the bottle so there’s no mess. The only cock-up potential that needs addressing is making sure there’s enough brake fluid in the reservoir to stop air being introduced through the top. And the fact it’s available for six quid makes this a no-brainer purchase.

What’s not? After six years of regular use, the hose has hardened and turned opaque, making it harder to see any bubbles in the fluid, and it’s developed a slight leak. So after six years I need to spend another £6 on a new one. Poor me.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 5/5