Product Review: Oxford Aqua 30-litre roll bag

Oxford Aqua 30-litre roll bag £50

Time tested: Four foreign trips

What’s good? Roll bags are the simplest form of soft luggage, and for me that’s important. I care little for compartments and don’t want the hassle of securing throw-over panniers. As someone who does 100% of my riding solo, this roll bag arrangement is perfect for me. It’s secured via a Velcro strap that links under the pillion seat/hump and comes with additional fabric straps to add stability. However I found it worked best with additional bungees hooked onto the bag’s plastic D-rings to ensure complete security. The roll-top closure is secured at the sides via plastic clips and the whole roll is squished into place via two compression straps. It’s so far been completely waterproof and reliable.

What’s not? In hindsight I should’ve gone for the 50-litre bag. This 30-litre is adequate for shorter journeys but I’ve found I try to over-fill this one, even though I usually travel fairly light.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 3/5