Product Review: Kappa WA405F rollbag

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Kappa WA405F rollbag, £46.27

Time owned: One month/750 miles

What's good? This 40-litre roll bag is cavernous. I used it for a long weekend away recently and my gear barely touched the sides. It's very practical with two included bungee straps that secure to the bag and then attach to the bike. Once anchored to the bike it’s surprisingly stable. Off the bike it has an integral carry handle and also an additional strap so it's easy to cart around. The Day-Glo orange colourscheme isn't everyone's cup of tea but I think it's great, really bright and visible. A silver version is also available, but it’s in a smaller 30-litre size. The waterproof tarpaulin material it's made from smells pungent and I initially thought this aroma would transfer to my clothes, but I was pleased to discover that it didn't.

What's not? You have to make sure you pack the bag in the correct order, although it doesn't have a specific bottom you need to create one to make it easier to load to the bike. I made sure my trainers ended up sole side down on the pillion seat to give a firm base. Also everything does come out a tad creased but not unwearable.

Value: 5/5
Quality: 5/5

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