Product Review: Oxford Chain Brush

Oxford Chain Brush, £9.99

Time Tested Six chain cleans

What’s good? Looking after chains is an important job to me, and this brush makes it much easier than it was before I had it. The bristles clean the chain from both sides and the rear at the same time and do a great job of getting rid of old lube, and light surface rust if the bike has been ridden in the wet. I use it with paraffin, which is a cheap and effective chain cleaner that doesn’t damage the chain’s important internals. Before spotting this product I’d considered making a similar brush myself from three nailbrushes, so I’m glad this came along to save me the bother.

What’s not? Some will see a tenner as a high price for a brush. I see it as an investment in extending the life of components that would be expensive to replace.

Quality rating 5/5
Value rating 5/5

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor