Product Review: Petronas Durance Helmet Wipes

Petronas Durance Helmet Wipes, £9.99

Time tested: One month/1500 miles
What's good? This disposable two-wipe system is very easy to use and small enough to pop your pocket you can always have one to hand. There isn’t any need to leave the wet wipe on the visor to soak into the dead bugs; it’s literally a case of a quick rub over and hey presto. The wet wipe is sufficiently damp to clean two visors thoroughly but you do have to quickly switch to the dry wipe or the visors will end up streaky.
What's not? They are brilliant if you caught out without any other way of cleaning your visor but at £9.99 for a pack of 10 they are too expensive to use on a daily basis.


Value rating: 2/5
Quality rating: 4/5

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