Product Review: Makita GA4530 720W angle grinder

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Makita GA4530 720W angle grinder, £61.99

Tester: Ped Baker

Time tested: Six months

What’s good? You could argue that on specifications alone there’s no difference between the £61.99 Makita GA4530 and any £20 budget grinder from the High Street. But like all workshop tools, it’s not until you start using them that the quality reveal itself. I put up with a no-brand budget angle grinder for years. It’s cumbersome, heavy and vibrates so much it’s difficult to use with any finesse. It’s a hateful thing I avoid using unless I absolutely have to. The Makita vibrates far less, meaning very fine grinds and cuts can be safely taken. The body is slimmer so it’s comfortable to hold and control and the soft rubber cable remains flexible at any temperature (again helping with control). The spindle lock clicks in positively, ensuring changing discs isn’t the Russian roulette of knuckle skinning it is with my budget grinder. The pin spanner is a good size too. While it’s tempting to opt for a budget grinder, bear in mind that unless you use your grinder a hell of a lot you’re probably only going to buy one in your life, so make it a good one.

What’s not? The on-off switch is a little fiddly at first but you get used to it.

Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

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