Product Review: Keis heated jacket and gloves

Keis heated jacket and gloves, £169.99 and £149.99

Time tested: Four months/3000 miles

What’s good? I hate bulky gear in winter. That annoying, sweaty, claustrophobic feeling after 20 minutes of getting ready is the bane of winter riding. Enter heated gear: t-shirt, Keis jacket, outer jacket and - done. More important than shaving off changing time in the mornings, the jacket and gloves offer a warm, toasty, cuddly feeling on my 550-mile a week commute. It’s pure luxury. The jacket comes with nifty features such as zips on the sleeves, which reveal handy sockets for the gloves. A side pocket provides the perfect hiding place for the temperature controller. And the jacket itself feels comfortable and snug. The gloves can either plug into the jacket or to the battery directly. Gloves can also work independently from the jacket which is a massive plus. On a recent 1000-mile jaunt to Bavaria through minus-4degC temps I wore a thermal base layer and the Keis jacket. It was more than enough to keep me comfortably warm. The gloves keep the vulnerable backs of my hands hot and toasted the fingertips. Perfect. Every glove I’ve ever used has eventually let the cold in, apart from these.

What’s not?  The left glove’s temperature button has given up and stopped working; however, Keis will replace it under the one-year guarantee. Also, I tend to tuck the wire which comes from the battery back under my seat when not in use and I think the constant bending has damaged the wire. A new cable to the battery has fixed this issue.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5

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