Product Review: Oxford Chill-Out Socks

Oxford Chill-Out Socks, £16.99

Time tested: Two years / 5000 miles

What’s good? They work. Keeping feet warm can be a real struggle in the depths of winter, and while a busy route will keep the blood pumping in your left foot as it dances on the gear lever, your right nearly always freezes first, and quickly. Eventually, the cold creeps in regardless of activity, starting in the toes and gradually creeping up the foot. I wore these socks a lot last winter when doing a two-hour commute in the ice and snow, and they were utterly invaluable. They’re windproof, fleece-lined, breathable, and even keep water ingress at bay for quite a while, adding another layer of defence in poor weather. They manage to deliver all that while still being exceptionally thin and lightweight, meaning they don’t add bulk inside your boots, which can hinder circulation, and worsen the effects of the coldness you’re trying to stave off.

What’s not? They are ever so slightly tight on my size 11 feet when worn over thick thermal socks, but they can be worn under your socks if you really want to bulk up on your main layer.


Quality: 4/5

Value: 5/5

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