Product Review: Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing 2T oil

Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Racing 2T oil, £12

Time tested: Three years

What’s good? Racing two strokes means I go through a lot of this stuff and, when some oils can cost over £20 per litre, price is a big consideration. That’s why I opt for Rock Oil Synthesis 2 – it’s made by a reputable British company and costs just £12 a litre. I’ve used this for a year in my powerjet carb Honda RS125 and have had no problems. The daily piston inspection reveals that the oil is getting to and properly lubricating the piston and ring – and I’ve yet to suffer any seizures. My partner also uses it in his higher-spec, more modern Yamaha TZ250 without issue. Rock Oil have recently changed the formulation changing the colour of the oil from brown to blue so you can more clearly see the distribution of oil in fuel while you’re mixing it.

What’s not? I once suffered a stuck throttle during an extremely wet race on an older bike from the late ‘80s. The oil appeared to emulsify on the slide and gum it up. However this hasn’t happened on my current bike and Rock Oil say their oil contains additives to stop this from happening.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating 4/5

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