Product Review: Forcefield Elite chest protector

Forcefield Elite chest protector, £64.99

Time tested: 1000 miles/two months

What’s good? The idea of chest protection a good one. Think about the organs that live in that area, then think about where your momentum takes you in many accidents, which is straight towards the bike and its pointy-out bits. Many of us have accepted the back protector as a standard element of our riding kit, but the chest protector has yet to make the same impact, if you’ll pardon the pun. This Forcefield protector is a revised version of one that protected me in a racing crash two years ago, and its heat-absorbing properties mean it shapes to my body as I ride. On cold days, it’s also a useful extra barrier against chilly windblast.

What’s not? The main issues surround convenience as the Forcefield protector uses elasticated straps and Velcro. Wear it in combination with a back protector and you’ve more straps to deal with than Harry Houdini. There has to be a better way for Forcefield to get their chest and back protectors working together to make them more convenient and comfortable to wear together, and I hope they find it and release it soon. While the protection level and build quality is high, so is the price in comparison to other chest protectors.

Quality rating: 4/5
Value rating: 3/5

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