Product Review: Reed Chill Cheater Transpire socks

Reed Chill Cheater Transpire socks, £12.90

Time tested: Five months/ 6500 miles
What’s good? These are without a doubt the warmest socks I have ever tested. Kayaking firm, Reed Chill Cheater has hit the nail on the head with these fleece socks. They were originally developed for divers working in freezing water temperatures but they work great in motorcycle boots too. The firm says the socks should be worn close to the skin as they will wick moisture away from the skin. However, I only wear them on the coldest days when my feet wouldn’t dare sweat. Reed also make single-layer fleece socks, rather than these double-layer models, for a few quid cheaper. Stick with the double layer for maximum warmth.

What’s not? Your feet will quickly heat up if the temperature rises so make sure they are used only on cold days.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating:  5/5

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